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For $100/month you'll be able to directly message our qualified network of co-borrowers before even having them message you first! Being a part of our Clique means you will receive priority placement on our users' dashboard plus 10 direct messages per month. We guarantee a rotational system to make sure that you'll be viewed at the top of a user dashboard every 3 co-borrower site visits.







  • If you are any of the below:
    * Real Estate Agent
    * Escrow Officer
    * Mortgage Brokers
    * Underwriter
    Please sign up for our waiting list via our form on this page (note: applying mortgage brokers are applying to be on a separate list to receive co-borrower information only to provide them with qualified loans.)
  • Our screening committee will check if your license is up to date and have made previous sales with positive reviews. Agent must provide testimonials from past sales.
  • Upon approval, please acknowledge terms and conditions. (Note: Cher will take 25% of buyer’s agent’s gross commission when representing co-borrowers from our platform.) Cher Team reviews your overall reviews from our co-borrowers, and will either raise the amount of commission Cher charges to the buyer’s agents if overall average rating falls below 5 stars. 4 star agents representing co-borrowers on the buyer’s side will have 30% of their gross commission taken as our fee. 3 star agents representing co-borrowers on the buyer’s side will have 35% of their commission taken as a fee for Cher. A revised contract will be sent on an annual basis for all agents that reflect their overall score with the percentage of fee Cher taken that the agents must agree to or they will not be allowed on our platform. All agents start with 5 stars and agree that Cher will take 25% of their gross commission the first year beginning the time that they created an account.
  • Reviews will be rounded up to the nearest half of a star and the difference in commission fee taken is 2.5% commission fee i.e. 4.5 stars equals 27.5% commission fee charged. No fees are charged to seller’s agents that list properties on Cher.
  • Once privacy policies and terms and conditions are signed, real estate professionals must complete their personal profile to have their profile made public on Cher.
  • It will take 24 hours to review and once made public, you as a real estate professional will be able to use all of our free services. If you are a real estate agent, you will be able to receive pre-qualified co-borrowers. They will have the opportunity to select you in the transaction to represent them as a buyer’s agent. Only they can contact you.